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Posted May 17, 2004 by Ryan Boren. Filed under Newsletter, Switchers.

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  1. […] t go in to details here as to why I chose WordPress but if you are looking to get inspired go here and you be the judge. Thank you all -Goran Draskovic […]

    Pingback from GoranDraskovic.com » Props to WordPress community on May 21, 2004

  2. […] een hele hoop webloggers zullen overschakelen naar WordPress. Er zijn trouwens al enkele meldingen van switchers.

    Comments &raquo […]

    Pingback from /usr/ben on May 22, 2004

  3. […] ts to learn about in the new version. Might be a good time for you Moveable Type folks to check out WP. Comments » T […]

    Pingback from m i k e h o n . c o m » WordPress Upgrade on May 23, 2004

  4. […] gistering and logging in. Trackback is great for sloths. Sort of apropos: I didn’t switch to WordPress, but I did delay starting a public blog for ages while […]

    Pingback from Mike Linksvayer » Sloths and Their Slothfulness on June 9, 2004

  5. Switching from MoveableType to WordPress
    Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people wanting to make money from software, but I don’t get the warm fuzzies from the MT folks anymore. I was also not too keen on running MT anyway, as it’s not exactly the most secure piece of software on…

    Trackback from alphamonkey.org on May 18, 2004

  6. MT vs. WordPress?
    The licensing plan for Movabletype is changing … not that I can blame them. They need to make money, put food on the table, go on vacations, etc…. but for what I use a blog for (not much), it can’t be justified.

    So I’m giving WordPress a try …

    Trackback from Geeky Ramblings on May 18, 2004

  7. Movable Type 3.0
    Debido a las licencias astronómicas de SixApart, Rosanegra planea migrar sus blogs a otro sistema, como por ejemplo WordPress

    Trackback from Rosanegra BloG on May 20, 2004

  8. Why I Moved To WordPress
    WordPress appealed immediately because it is released under a GPL license.

    Trackback from Rob's Blog on May 22, 2004

  9. WordPress
    I’ve made the switch from using MovableType as the “engine” that runs this site to WordPress. A couple years ago, I had been keeping an online journal and had started out using the b2 engine. But soon after, development seemingly died on that pro…

    Trackback from FOPMOPBOP on May 27, 2004

  10. Taking the Plunge
    Making the commitment to WordPress

    Trackback from New Trommetter Times on June 3, 2004

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